There Is More to an Eye Bolt Than What Meets the Eye

When you have a job to do you must be certain that you have the right tools. When an Eye bolts is part of your supply needs make certain that you have the right one. Here is quick explanation:

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When you are doing a straight line pull, then a regular lifting eye bolt is what you will need. This is the anchor point for the connection between a wire rope and proper rigging apparatus that is fixed to an ending point. The galvanized steel allows for less corrosion to the bolt which could compromise the strength and durability of the steel.

An eyebolt that is constructed from stainless steel and has been welded is often formed from marine grade steel that can withstand harsh, wet, marine environments. The welding allows it to be employed as a heavy duty anchor point, connecting a wire rope or other rigging hardware to a surface or intended object.

If the stainless steel eye bolt is not welded, then its use should be limited to lighter duty purposes. It's made from the same marine grade steel so it can withstand the elements; however, it is considered a less expensive anchor point and the working load limits specified by the manufacturer should be considered.

If your job requires any type of angular lifting, then a shoulder eye bolt is what you will need to safely complete the job. The shoulder, a type of "collar" between the eye and the shank, helps maintain the bolts strength. When you are involved in an angular lift, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding placement of the bolt, threading and washers for maximum functionality.

As with the regular eye bolt, the material of a shoulder eye bolt can be galvanized or stainless steel to match the environmental conditions of your job.

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