How to Lift With Eye Bolts

Eyebolts are used to lift heavy machinery. Equipment can have any number of eyebolts, which are bolts with looped heads. Electric motors and compact vertical equipment will generally have one threaded mounting location for the eyebolt. Larger equipment usually has two eyebolts on the equipment's lifting center, or four corner-mounted eyebolts to even out the load. You will need additional equipment to hook the eyebolts to the crane hook, as eyebolts offer only a lifting point for the equipment. Shackles and lifting straps complete the lifting connection from the eyebolt to the hook of the crane.Bolts ,J-bolts ,Anchor bolt ,Carriage bolts ,Clevis Bolts ,Eye anchors ,Eye bolts


  • Find the threaded connections on the piece of equipment. Thread an eyebolt into each threading lifting point. Secure the eyebolts by turning them clockwise. Insert the driftpin into the eye of the eyebolt and tighten the eyebolt to the equipment. Double-check each eyebolt to make sure that it is tight to the equipment. Loose eyebolts will break if a horizontal force is applied to the threaded section of the eyebolt.

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    Remove a shackle bolt from one of the half-inch shackles. Insert the open shackle into one looped end of a lifting strap. Center the eyebolt in the shackle. Thread the shackle bolt into the shackle. Tighten it by turning the shackle bolt clockwise. Once the shackle bolt is tight, reverse the shackle bolt a quarter of a turn. This will eliminate the bolt binding in the shackle after the load has been released. Attach the remaining three shackles and lifting straps to the remaining three eyebolts.

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    Hook the loose end of each lifting strap to the crane hook. Signal the crane operator to lift the load. Stop the crane operator when the load is completely held by the crane. Inspect each lifting point to make sure that the eyebolts are tight, they are being supported by the shackle bolt, and that the lifting slings are clear of the equipment.

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    Remove the lifting straps from the crane hook. Unscrew the shackle bolts from the shackles to free them from the eyebolts. Insert the driftpin into the eye of the eyebolt and push counterclockwise to free the eyebolts from the equipment.

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    Inspect the eyebolts for any signs of damage caused by the lift. Examine the area where the threaded section meets the eye for stress fractures or metal discoloration. If either problem is noticed, remove the eyebolts from service. Store the eyebolts in a safe place to protect them from damage and corrosion.

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